5 Tips to reduce your wedding guest list during pandemic

Pandemic weddings need to be limited to just a few guests for safety of everyone


Everyone knows that it is the pandemic time and social gatherings have to be restricted. A number of people postponed some of the important events like weddings due to the current situation. But Things do not seem to get better any time soon. Weddings are occasions that brings together a number of family members, friends and colleagues. But in the current scenario it is not recommended due to the risk involved. If you are one of those who is planning a low-key wedding, then here are a few tips to cut down on your guests list.

1. Embrace the reality – This is a situation which is new to most of the people and is hard to digest. But one has to digest and embrace the reality that the current scenario is not safe to have more people under one roof.

2. It is OK to hurt a few people’s sentiments – Now this is going to happen and you need to be prepared for it. Two things could happen – one is people close to you might understand, or might remain grumpy for a while and forget about it. But it is OK and this is the best you could do by protecting others.

3. Begin early – Start making your limited wedding guest list as early as possible. So as the wedding day approaches, you will be able to cut out more people from the list.

4. Be honest and remember to communicate – While a number of people might think that remaining silent would convey the message, but that is not the right thing to do. It is better to be honest and be communicative and clear.

5. Just the immediate family and friends – The wedding is all about family, friends, friend’s friends and more. But this time you need to set out your priorities and keep it limited to only to your immediate family members and only close friends who matter to you the most.

Photo Credits: Pixabay