5 Easy ways to deal with Pre-menstrual syndrome

Pre-menstrual syndrome can be hard on many women, but a few tricks and tips can make the phase smooth


Pre-menstrual syndrome is something that a number of women go through just before they undergo their monthly menstrual cycle. Some of the common symptoms are being cranky, lack of patience, anxiety, lethargy and restlessness. People who have partners often get the emotional support for their condition along with some chocolate ice-cream and a heating pad, but singles need not to worry as these are tit bits and can be dealt with ease all by yourself as well. Here are a few tips to deal with Pre-menstrual syndrome that usually occurs 4 to 10 days before the menstrual cycle.

1. Avoid caffeine intake – As far as possible, avoid intake of caffeine in any form. It could be tea, coffee, cold coffee or even hot chocolate. Caffeine can make the symptoms even worse as it also disturbs the sleep patterns.

2. Cut out salt intake – Not many are aware that salt and periods do not get along well. Excess salt can lead to bloating and is usually caused by processed or packaged foods that have excess salt content.

3. Indulge in exercise – There cannot be a better way to deal with Pre-menstrual syndrome as it increases the blood circulation of the body and helps to reduce bloating and constipation. It also helps to release the endorphins that elevate the mood.

4. Eat nuts as snacks – When you are hungry, make sure that you get a snack like nuts, instead of junk or processed food. A handful of nuts are always better than a bag of chips which have nothing but saturated fats. They also help to deal with the problems like bloating, depression and anxiety.

5. Consume dairy products – During your PMS, or when you are actually going through a cycle, all you need is some energy. Dairy products provide the much needed protein for the body to deal with lethargy. It also provides the nourishment during those tough times.

Photo Credits: Pixabay