Pfizer claims 90 percent effectiveness of its coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer with the help of the initial data is able to say that the coronavirus vaccine is 90 percent effective


American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has shown a ray of hope after its claims that its upcoming coronavirus vaccine seems to be 90 percent effective in preventing the virus. The company informed that had an early peek in to the data of its vaccine that has given the promising hints. Going by the development it seems like the pharma giant is going steady to get an emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Bill Gruber, the senior vice president of Pfizer while talking about the development said that they are at a position where they could potentially be able to offer some hope. The Senior vice president while talking to a leading daily added that they are very encouraged. Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci while talking about the vaccine said that the 90 percent effectiveness is extraordinary and not many people had expected the figure to be that high. Fauci added that it is going to affect all the attempts that will be made with regards to COVID.

Pharma companies across the globe are in the race to produce an effective vaccine to deal with COVID-19 that has claimed millions of lives since the spike in December, 2020 in China. Despite the encouragement and the announcement from Pfizer, that does not mean that a vaccine is sure to be out soon, but just the figures are encouraging and one has to wait and watch for more developments to come. Even in the trials, some people have received an actual vaccine, while some have been given dummy shots.

However, the company has not given out much details about it. But when a vaccine actually manages to come out, the supply is surely going to be scarce and will have to be rationed. There are also chances that priority could be given to the healthcare workers and people who are working on the frontline and are most vulnerable.

Photo Credits: Pixabay