Foods that can increase your anxiety levels

Anxiety cannot be treated, but can be avoided by avoiding a few foods


This might come as a surprise, but most of us might have at some point of life experienced anxiety. It is a feeling that feels like a knot in your stomach and makes you feel anxious that can go to some other levels. This does not have any cure and has to be dealt with the help of some natural remedies. Moreover, there are also a few lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce anxiety. Apart from meditation and talking to a close friend, not many are aware that even food plays an important role in the mental state. Below mentioned is a list of foods that should be avoided when you feel low or anxious.

1. Caffeine – Caffeine can be found in a cup of coffee and also in a cup of tea. Although the levels is much lower in tea, but it still does. Excessive caffeine can lead to mood swings and also restlessness or sometimes lack of sleep.

2. Sugar – It is always tempting to have something sweet as a treat to yourself when you are not feeling emotionally well, but consuming too much of it can lead to a drop in the blood sugar levels that can also lead to mood swings and sometimes panic attacks.

3. Processed food – Processed foods or fast foods can be sumptuous and relaxing but you might end up feeling more anxious. Foods like Pizza, fries, burgers and other such foods should be avoided on an everyday basis.

4. Refined oil – When refined oil is heated, it forms in to trans fats which suppresses the blood flow and can ultimately lead to anxiety levels and depression.

5. Fruit juices – now this might be a little surprising for some as fruit juices are actually healthy. The fact is that they give you instant energy but is soon followed by a slump which can make you feel depressed and tired.

Photo Credits: Pixabay