What are blind pimples? How to deal with them

Blind pimples are those that do not appear on the surface of the skin but beneath them


While a number of people might be aware of  pimples on the face that looks unpleasant, but not many might be aware of a blind pimple. Like the name suggests, it is a pimple that does not appear on the surface of the skin but develops under the skin. While a visible pimple can be unpleasant and painful, a blind pimple could be even worse. The only benefit of a blind pimple is it is not visible, but the fact is, it cannot be popped and can hurt really bad.

It is a kind of acne, that develops beneath the surface of the skin and could hurt twice as much as a normal pimple. But there is not much you can do about it. The places where they usually occur, is around the chin, nose and forehead. A pimple is developed when the natural oils of the skin and bacteria react together and clog the pores. But a blind pimple happens when such substances get caught between the surface of the skin and the oil glands.

The pores are the hair follicles and another reason why the bacteria starts developing inside the skin causing a little swelling. You can actually feel a slight bump on the skin, but it cannot be taken out. You cannot even apply any external cream.

Things you can do to deal with such blind pimples –

1. Warm compress – You can take a small hand towel and dip it in warm water and compress the area with it , as it will allow it to settle down a little.

2. Do not press it – Do not try to press that area, or you might end up making it worse.

3. Eat healthy – Eating healthy and less oily is the key to have a healthy skin. You also need to drink plenty of water as it helps the skin to remain moist and also flushes out all the toxins.

Photo Credits: Pixabay