Burger King new drive-through menu to predict customer’s favourite

Burger King new drive-through menu will predict customer’s orders on the basis of previous orders, weather and time of day

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Fast food giant Burger King is one of the popular foodie giants in the globe. The coronavirus pandemic affected the businesses of a number of fast food giants, but some of them were fortunate to survive. However, the competition continues to be intense with the presence of a number of players in the market. Burger King is now all set to upgrade its drive-thru experience. The Restaurant Brands International is ready to upgrade about 10,000 of its Burger King Popeyes and Tim Hortons locations.

The new upgrade will have digital menus for the customers that will feature what is known as the ‘predictive selling’ tech. Here the machine will be able to predict and promote on a personal basis with the help of some of the details like the previous orders of the customers, time of the day and even the local weather. The digital menus will be integrated with the loyalty programs of the restaurant that will help to display the recent and favourite purchases of the customers.

CEO of Restaurant Brands International, Jose Cil said that the customers have been looking forward to opt for drive-thrus due to the COVID-19 pandemic as a number of restaurants were shut and the dining rooms were forced to close. Cil in a statement expressed that this is the best time to modernize their drive-thru lanes throughout the United States and Canada so they are able to provide quick and better service that would also be contactless.

About 1,500 Burger King locations already have the new menu boards in the United States including some 800 Tim Hortons. Popeyes will start having the new menu boards starting from later in 2020. Meanwhile the RBI is also testing a remote and contactless payment system on its drive-thru and a prototype of it has already been installed at one of the Tim Hortons in Canada. 15 more restaurants are expected to be tested in January, 2020.

Photo Credits: Burger King official Instagram account