5 Delicious ways to reverse the effects of diabetes

Diabetes has to be handled with some wisdom, good food and some exercise


Diabetes has these days become more of a lifestyle problem. It has been found that people who undergo a lot of mental pressure or face a lot of stress in their everyday life, prone to be diabetic. Although it is impossible to remove stress from life completely, but a few changes in lifestyle can be effective. What if someone says that there could be a mouthwatering way to actually reverse the effects of diabetes, people would hardly believe. But that it is actually possible. Here are a few easy and effective ways of reversing the effects of diabetes on the body.

1. Avoid added sugar – Now this seems easy, but it could be a challenge on an everyday basis, as there is added sugar in a number of foods like even your cup of tea or coffee. Eliminate added sugar completely and that will also include processed foods.

2. Say no to refined carbohydrates – Some of the processed foods like pasta, bread, rice and even whole wheat bread has the ability to increase your blood sugar levels.

3. No Sweet or carbonated drinks – it is a known fact that sweet drinks or even the carbonated ones have more sugar than one can ever imagine. Even the diet versions of such drinks do equal harm. It is best to go for plain water or tea and coffee without sugar.

4. Go for healthy fats – You don’t have to give up on the fats which are good for health, like the avocados, almonds, olives and more. You don’t have to worry that these foods will lead to a weight gain. These are healthy carbs and eating more almonds actually help in losing weight.

5. Stop counting calories – Counting calories does not make any sense, but the quality of the food that you are having actually does. Concentrate on the basic things like the oil that you are using could be light like olive oil. Use clarified butter instead of processed butter.

Photo Credits: Pixabay