AstraZeneca assures its COVID-19 vaccine triggers immune response

AstraZeneca is on the verge of coming up with a potential vaccine for COVID-19


The pharma company AstraZeneca has been in news since a long tie over its potential vaccine to deal with the trending coronavirus. The company also made news due to its on and off human trials. Although, it always had an explanation, that allowed it to escape every controversy and get back to work. The British Pharmaceutical giant made an announcement on October 26, 2020 that its COVID-19 vaccine is able to produce an immune system in older as well as younger adults.

The company is making a vaccine to beat COVID-19 in collaboration with University of Oxford. The pharma giant while talking about the adverse effects said that such responses were lower among the elderly. The WHO has earlier informed that apart from the elderly people, even people with pre-existing conditions, who contract the virus are prone to get seriously ill.

No matter what the facts are and no matter what the vaccine trials are leading to, the latest announcement by the pharma giant has surely given hopes of a potential coronavirus vaccine that might come out before the end of the year. A spokesperson by AstraZeneca has said that they are encouraged to see the immunogenerosity responses that are similar in older as well as younger adults. The spokesperson added that the reactogenecity was low in older adults where the severity of COVID-19 is higher.

It was also added that the results that they found that there was an evidence for the safety and immunogenicity of AZD1222. The university and the pharma company are constantly working to deliver an effective as well as a safe vaccine that would help to bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic that has so far claimed lives of about 1.15 million people. The WHO has informed that there are several candidates who are also in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Many of them are already in the late stages of seeking a formal approval.

Photo Credits: Pixabay