5 Surprising habits that can be bad for the skin

There are a few everyday habits that otherwise seem normal but could be harmful for the skin


Not many realize that a few everyday habits could be damaging for the skin. These activities are done on an everyday basis and could possibly affect the skin with pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. It is vital to get regular massages, remain hydrated and eat healthy. Getting yourself a face massage is not a luxury but a necessity and is basic. Here are a few surprising every day habits which are actually not good for the skin.

1. Lifting weights – The fact is that exercise is great for health. When you are lifting weights, you tend to make strong facial expressions. Such facial expressions makes the skin age faster and also aggravates wrinkles. Lifting weights also tears the collagen that leads to fine lines and the wrinkles appear faster.

2. Drinking with a straw – A number of people might have a habit of drinking with the help of a straw as they want to keep their lipstick safe. The fact is that when they are using a straw, it usually causes the skin to be pulled and burrowed and leads to creases and fine lines on the skin.

3. Too much of screen time – Whether it is the smartphone, laptop or the TV, such devices emit blue light which are not just harmful for the eyes but are also causes sagging of the skin around the eyes and neck. Keep your screen time minimal and make sure that you keep such devices at a good distance.

4. Not wearing the prescribed lenses – When you are not wearing the prescribed lenses, it could also lead to problems like squinting of the eyes. Not wearing your prescribed lenses can put a strain on the eyes and also make you tired faster. They can also lead to dark circles around the eyes.

5. Sleeping on the stomach – If you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach, then it can lead to fine lines as you are smashing you face down on the pillow as the skin is constantly pressed against the pillow.

Photo Credits: Pixabay