Ways to prevent skin pigmentation or dark spots

Skin pigmentation takes a long time to vanish so it is better to avoid them completely

dark spots

Dark spots on the skin can be very annoying and might sabotage your confidence and morale every time they appear. Once they appear, it takes a long time to get rid of them. But the good news is that there are indeed ways to even avoid the appearance of dark spots on the skin. They are caused due to a number of reasons and includes excess production of melanin, sun rays or acne scars. Here are a few tips and tricks that can be done to avoid those dark spots completely and effectively.

1. Do not play with inflamed skin – It can be tempting to pop that pimple when it appears. But that can actually make things worse and leave a scar or a dark spot. Instead of dealing with the results of doing such things, it is always better to avoid doing it altogether.

2. Wear a sunscreen while stepping out – Even if it is for two minutes, it is recommended to wear a sunscreen lotion at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun. exposure to the sun can cause dark spots of blemishes. Additionally, you can also cover your face with a white or a light colored scarf.

3. Avoid heated conditions – Being exposed to too much of heat can also lead to excessive production of melanin in the skin. There are a few places like sauna that could be avoided. One should also avoid taking bath with extremely hot showers. Even practices like hot yoga can be avoided.

4. Facial treatments from inexperienced masseurs – It is recommended to get a facial treatment done from a professional and not from a person who does not have ample experience and uses unhygienic tools.

Tip – You can additionally consume vitamin C or take a supplement as it can deal with hyperpigmentation. It is also known as a miracle ingredient as it not just deals with dark spots but also deals in managing wrinkles.

Photo Credits: Pixabay