5 Exercises or workout types that don’t help in losing fat

Losing fat surely needs some extra effort and a few exercises do not actually help in reaching the goal


Exercise is the best way to burn fat and good for those who want to lose some weight and burn fat. There are number of ways it can be done and there are many kinds of exercises that can be helpful for fat loss. It is a myth that any kind of exercise can help to lose those extra fat. There are also a few kinds of exercises that are not actually helpful for fat loss. Here is a list of those workout types of exercise that are not helpful in fat loss.

1. Pilates and yoga– This might sound surprising, but is true. Pilates and yoga poses are great for improving the body immunity, brain function and is also great to relax a disturbed mind. But if you wish to lose some weight, then you need to indulge in cardio exercise combined with some weight lifting.

2. Zumba and other dance forms – Zumba and other dance forms help for a cardio workout of the body and helps to improve the blood circulation, brings stability and also improves mood. It is also great for the good health of the cardiovascular system.

3. Elliptical – The Elliptical exercise is a low-impact exercise that helps to strengthen the heart. But it is not beneficial to burn that extra fat and for that one has to indulge in running, skipping or spinning.

4. Abs only exercises – ABs only exercises is not going to help in losing those extra kgs. It is a good idea to work out the entire body or do a full body workout that can help.

5. Cardio only – Doing only cardio exercises is never going to help. It might make a little difference, but is not going to help a lot. Cardio can be done on days when you need to relax the muscles that you had workout up the day before. A combination of cardio with some weight training is best for losing fat.

Photo Credits: Pixabay