5 Mistakes to be avoided by a would-be bride just before her wedding

A would-be bride needs to be careful as the wedding date fast approached and needs to avoid a few things


Brides-to-be have a number of things going on in their mind as they prepare for their big day. From their wedding outfits, guest list, invitations, gifts and decorations, there are many things to consider, but the most essential part of all is the beauty routine. As the days get closer like two of three weeks before the wedding, things start to get a little serious and extra precaution needs to be taken. Extra care needs to be taken as the days closer. Here are a few mistakes that a would-be bride can avoid or it could end up in a big mess.

1. Booking make-up artist in the last minute – After your outfit, make-up is another important factor on the wedding day. It has to be perfect and has to be done by the right professional, who knows his/her job well. Make sure that you are booking your make-up artist at least six months before the wedding. Many times they also offer a trial before the wedding which is recommended as you will come to know how you will look on the big day.

2. Trying a new skincare product – Think twice before you are experimenting a new skin care product on your skin when your wedding date is just round the corner. You do not know how the product could react on your skin and you might not even have time to recover.

3. Facials before wedding – Facial sessions should be completed at least three to 4 days before your actual wedding date. The actual glow of the facial is seen only after three to four days of getting it done.

4. A new hair cut – A new hair cut just a week before the wedding is not recommended at all. It could change the way you look and your planned wedding look could also be ruined.

5. Popping pimples – This is a big NO NO as popping acne before the wedding can leave a big scar on the face and that can take some time to heal.

Photo Credits: Pixabay