5 Signs that you are doing too much exercise

Exercise has to be done under proper guidance or gradually or else it might


Regular workout is the key to a healthy life. It is essential for every person irrespective of age to exercise in some way on a regular basis. Usually working out three days in week is sufficient. However, a number of people prefer to do it seven days a week and are overly passionate about it. It is food unless it affects the body in the wrong way. Anything in excess is not good and even working out too much is not good for the body. When you do so, the body begins to give out a few signals. Here are a few signs that you might be working out too much.

1. Injuries – Injury is a part of workout and might happen when you are not doing a particular exercise properly and under a trained professional. But if that starts happening frequently then it is time to pay attention. If muscle pulls, strains and inflammation are happening very frequently, it can be an indication that you might be working out too much.

2. Exhaustion – Too much of exercise can make you feel exhausted. So if you are having a good night’s sleep for about 7 to 9 hours and even then you are feeling exhausted the whole day then it can be a warning sign. You might even find it hard to fall asleep in the night. Slow down on your regime and take it one at a time.

3. Weak immune system – Exercise gives the body some kind of stress which is good. But allowing the body under constant pressure and stress might affect the immune system of the body.

4. Mood swings – Going through excessive exercise regimes can make you moody and have mood swings. It can make you feel irritated and lethargic the entire day.

5. Overeating – After exercise the body need to be filled with some fuel to compensate for the energy. But excessive workout can make you overeat and you might also end up putting on extra weight.

Photo Credits: Pixabay