Signs that indicate you are having too much of coffee

Coffee is a great and healthy beverage, but too much of it can show a few symptoms


Coffee indeed gives you the kick that you need to begin your day in the morning. However, many people, especially office goers, tend to drink coffee more than twice or thrice in a day. It makes the person feel energized for a temporary period. The hot beverage also has a number of health benefits but needs to be taken within limits. While anything in excess causes problems, coffee in excess could also lead to a few symptoms. Here are a few signs that you might be consuming too much of coffee.

1. Problems falling asleep – This can happen if you are drinking coffee late in the evening. Coffee has the tendency to disturb the sleep pattern and can keep you awake for a longer time. Since it has caffeine, it can stay in the body till about three to four hours. It is better to have it in the afternoon.

2. Miscellaneous symptoms – Too much of coffee in the day can also cause some symptoms including headache, fast heartbeat and even mood swings. These are all the signs if you are having too much of coffee and is caused due to excess of caffeine in the body.

3. Feeling lethargic – The hot beverage tends to make you feel energetic but if it is consumed too much then it can make you sleepless and can also end up waking up feel more tired.

4. Acidity – The morning drink is acidic in nature and tends to irritate the lining of the gut and can cause a heartburn.

5. Bad stomach – This can happen if you drink coffee on an empty stomach. It can cause stomach ache and even nausea.

6. Feel stressed and dehydrated – Feeling dehydrated can be due to too much of caffeine and this might also make you feel stressed. The beverage also contains diuretic which affects the normal hydration of the body and as a result it can make you feel like drinking more water.

It is OK to have about one to two cups of the beverage in a day and more than that it can lead to a few side effects.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay