Foods that can cause constipation in babies

Babies are prone to constipation and a few foods can be responsible


Constipation is a very common issue among babies. It is very easy for the babies to get constipated as their bodies take some time to get adjusted to new foods that are introduced to them. It is a condition where they find it tough to pass stools properly. If such a problem persists, the parents need to consult a pediatrician for proper advice or they need to go through some changes in their diet. There are a few foods that can cause or even relieve them from constipation.

1. Rice – Many babies are introduced to rice first, but not many realize that it becomes tough for them to digest and this can lead to digestion problems.

2. Milk – Here breast milk is an exception and parents who are giving formula milk to their babies need to be extra careful. Some of the ingredients of the formula can be tough for the babies to digest and can lead to constipation.

3. Carrots – Carrots should be given to babies either raw or in the juice form. But make sure that you are not giving them cooked or steamed ones as it can cause constipation.

4. Raw bananas – Nice ripe and yellow bananas are good for the babies and help to deal with constipation. However, unripe bananas is not good for the babies since they contain starch and it can be tough for the babies to digest.

5. Apples – This fruit in this list might be surprising. Many parents tend to feed their babies with apples which are steamed. But they can often lead to constipation. It should be given as such.

6. Yoghurt – It is rich in probiotics which is good for digestion, but also has binding effect on the food and can also lead to hardening of the stools.

7. Cheese – Cheese is a great dairy food and can be great for health. It has a great fibre content and can also lead to constipation problems.

Photo Credits: Pixabay