Quantas Airlines flight to nowhere sells out in ten minutes

Quantas Airlines has announced a flight that will offer passengers a low-level scenic view for seven hours


The flag carrier of Australia Quantas Airlines has announced a flight to nowhere. But the surprise is not over as the flights to a destination nowhere got sold-out within just ten minutes. For those who are wondering what this flight is all about, it will be a seven-hour flight that will take off and land at the same airport at the ends of the day. Due to the coronavirus restrictions across the globe, a number of countries continue to keep travel restricted. It was Quantas that came up with an idea of offering a scenic view on a flight that is ready to take off on October 10, 2020.

The flight will be taking off from the Sydney airport and will return on the same day. It will not be making any stops and has assured the passengers that they will be treated with a low-level scenic view of the Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Surprisingly the buyers quickly snatched their tickets that ranged between $575 and $2,765 and depended on the seat class. The passengers will be carried on the Boeing 787 which is usually used for long-haul flights.

A spokeswoman from Quantas said that it has become the fastest selling flight in the history of the airline and is a great opportunity for people who miss to travel around different countries and are restricted due to the pandemic situation across the globe. The spokeswoman added that if the demand continues, they will be opening more of such scenic flights while people continue to wait for the borders to open.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Quantas announced that the airline is cutting 20 percent of its overall jobs during the summer time and the pandemic time has proved to be the worst trading conditions in the 100-year history. The CEO also said that they are currently under a situation where they cannot travel to many places.

Photo Credits: Pixabay