Amazon ready to launch Luxury Stores featuring premium brands

Amazon Luxury Stores will have premium brands with a feature that will allow the customers to have a 360 degree view of the products


Shopping online might not be a luxury experience. However, there are a very few brands that actually make it online for people to have the convenience to buy it from the comfort of their home. Amazon is making a new attempt to bring together some of the high end brands on its platform. Amazon has called its new venture as Luxury Stores that will be a new way the brands will be able to present their products to its customers at the comfort of their mobile app. Oscar de la Renta, the high end brand is its first official partner.

The Luxury Store by Amazon will be allowing the big brands across the globe to create their own store within the store. Here the company will be giving its customers more choice in terms of selection, inventory and pricing. This is also going to help Amazon to reach a new segment of customers. But this time the big brands, which are the participating giants will be provided with digital experience in terms of a fancy shop windows. This means that the customers will be able to have the option to have their products displayed and could be interactive with 360 degree views.

Amazon released a press statement while mentioning about the new program and said that it is going to be an interactive feature and will be rolling out with selected garments during the launch. The online customers will be allowed to explore the styles with a 360degree view so they can visualize it better and will also make their luxury shopping more interesting and convenient. For now the feature will be launching with just one brand which is the Oscar de la Renta and other brands are soon expected to join in the upcoming months.

But there is a catch as browsing through the new Luxury Stores is not going to be an option that will be available to everyone. Only a few selected Amazon Prime Members in the U.S. will be invited to go through the store.

Photo Credits: Pixabay