5 Unhealthy eating habits that should be stopped

There are very normal everyday activities that is done while eating but are unhealthy and should be stopped


Weight loss is something that a number of people are indulging in these days. The lockdown was a time when a number of people have put on extra weight as the gyms and other public places for working out were shut due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, absence of workout was not the only culprit, but unhealthy eating habits were also developed by many. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is crucial if you intend to lose weight. One has to have a major control on the portion to maintain a healthy weight. Here are a few unhealthy eating habits that should be avoided.

1. A messy kitchen – This might sound weird, but a messy or a cluttered kitchen leads to overeating. There are a number of studies that have pointed out connections between a messy kitchen and bad eating habits.

2. Comfort food – It is easy to eat binge on food that is easily available when you are hungry. You often find food that is easily available. It is better to replace that with a bowl of fruits, which will make you feel full for a longer time and will also keep you away from junk food cravings for a longer time.

3. Eating while watching TV – Another very unhealthy habit is to eat meals while watching TV. This distracts the mind from eating mindfully and also makes the person to overeat. It is better to turn off the TV and other smart devices and enjoy some quality time with family.

4. Eating food on a large plate – The food portion looks smaller on a large plate and allows to eat more than you actually need. It is better to use a small plate which makes the food look smaller in portion.

5. Not keeping a track on calories – People hardly have a habit of keeping a track of the calories consumed in a day due to which they overeat. When people start tracking calories, they tend to consume less food.

Photo Credits: Pixabay