Things to keep in mind while taking care of your senior dog

A senior dog at home needs extra care and precautions and need to be monitored on a regular basis

senior dog

Having a pet at home is surely a blessing but at the same time it is also a huge responsibility as you need to take care and fulfill all of its needs. When your furry friend at home is young, they remain energetic and seldom face any health issues. But as they age, they become slow and their energy levels drop. This is the time they need extra care like any senior citizen. Older pets need to be observed closely for them to remain healthy. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep a check on your old fur friend.

1. Pay close attention to dental hygiene – When a dog ages, dental hygiene becomes crucial and important. Pet owners need to take care that they brush their dog’s teeth regularly and they could even get professional cleaning done in order to prevent any dental issues or teeth decay.

2. Consult a vet – You can consult a vet, who can recommend about the right kind of diet your diet need. The vet will be advising based on the breed of dog, weather conditions and the age of your pet. The right nutrition is crucial for good health of your pet.

3. Proper exercise – Your senior dog needs to have a healthy mental as well as physical health. They need to be taken for regular walks and you can also complete a few food puzzles to keep their brain sharp enough.

4. Get regular health checkups – Make sure that you take you senior dog for a regular health check up to the vet at least twice a year. As the age of the dog progresses, they could have some serious health conditions like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, hip dysplasia and so on.

5. Be attentive of any behavior changes – If you notice any sudden weight loss, dental problems, lumps, lesions or anything unusual, talk to your vet immediately.

Photo Credits: Pixabay