American Airlines to use disinfectant coating that kills coronavirus up to seven days

The surface disinfectant is called as the SurfaceWise 2 and has the ability to create a coating on the surface that can last up to seven days


The coronavirus pandemic is a time when people who are stepping outside have to be extra careful about the surfaces that they will have to touch in public. The coronavirus is highly contagious and surfaces at public places could be infected of the virus. The airports and the aircrafts are one of the most potential places where the virus could survive and infect people. The Environmental protection Agency made an announcement on August 24, 2020 that the American Airlines will be the first airlines that will begin using a disinfecting surface coating that kills coronavirus. The protective coating remains for up to seven days.

The disinfectant is known as the SurfaceWise 2 and creates an invisible layer that kills pathogens in just two hours of application. The solution is manufactured by Allied BioScience. A restriction was lifted by the agency from Texas and allowed the American Airlines airport facilities and planes at some of the locations to use the solution. The solution can be applied on the surfaces which are terms as high-touch of are touched by people frequently. It can be the seats, tray tables and over-head bin doors. The protective solution is non-toxic and can last up to a week.

The American Airlines has said that the SurfaceWise 2 will be used along with the routine cleaning. The agency news release said that the emergency exemption of Section18 of the EPA of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act applies to state only under certain conditions. There are also chances that the Allied BioScience could get a non-emergency approval of the disinfectant from the EPA in the upcoming months and if that happens then the product will be widely available for use.

Travelers across the globe are these days insecure about travelling as they are scared that they could contract the virus from unknown surfaces. The virus is more transmitted through close contact from an infected person who is coughing, breathing hard or emitting tiny particles.

Photo Credits: Pixabay