5 Myths about meditation that should be known to all

Meditation is a great concept for people who deal with everyday stress but a few misconceptions need to be busted


Meditation is a very old practice that helps people to get rid of stress and also helps to cleanse the body, mind and soul. Many even believe that practicing meditation also has healing properties. But in recent times, many people have developed a few misconceptions about the practice and that needs to be addressed soon. Here are a few myths that people often relate to meditation practice.

1. It does not work if the mind is unstable – It is pretty normal to be engaged with thoughts in mind when not needed or while meditating. As the practice deepens, it becomes a habit and it becomes easier to meditate. In an advanced stage, you might be more comfortable with thoughts but they might not completely disappear.

2. It should be practiced in silence – This is certainly not mandatory. You can enter a state of meditation even when you are walking. The actual idea is to concentrate completely on your breath. One of the popular types of meditation that involves natural breath is the Vipassana meditation. This is not necessarily done in all types of meditation.

3. You need to sit to meditate – Experts suggest that you need to be seated cross-legged on a chair or a sofa or on the floor. But that is not mandatory and you have to make sure that you try relaxing your neck, shoulder and head. This allows the body to connect with you inner self.

4. It takes long hours – There are people who sit for hours together and shut themselves completely to meditate. Even 5 minutes of meditation can help to have instant relief and instant mental recharge.

5. It is a religious practice – This is certainly not true and can be practiced by anyone without the need of any religious rules or rituals. It is a process that helps to connect with your inner self and it is completely up to the person to how they can do it.

Photo Credits: Viral Bhayani