Domino’s Pizza to fill 20,000 positions in the United States

Despite pandemic, Domino’s Pizza announces opening of 20,000 positions across the globe


People and businesses across the globe continue to suffer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A number of people continue to lose their jobs as companies continue to issue memos to the employees who are no longer wanted or have now become a burden. But things seem to be a little different with Domino’s Pizza. The pizza giant made an announcement on August 17, 2020 that it is all set to hire 20,000 workers across the globe to fill a number of positions.

Domino’s Pizza announced that it will be filling positions that include assistant managers, pizza makers and customer service representatives. The pizza giant despite the pandemic, continues to open new stores at new locations. It was last month when the earnings of the company had gone past the expectations and the stocks of the giant gained 36 percent for the year. In recent times, other eateries like McDonalds, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc and Dunkin Brands Group Inc have also added thousands of workers in recent times.

Domino’s has also said that it is adding part-time as well as full-time positions. In the United States Domino’s has been one of the very few companies that reported a profit and also rise in sales in recent times despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic time, the company has managed to provide a number of services like contactless deliveries , car-side delivery and take-away orders to make sure that the sales went up.

This is a time when most of the restaurants have shut down the dine-in areas which affected a number of eateries. But despite the situation, a few restaurants have managed to improve the sales by helping people to place orders in different ways. Meanwhile, there have been a few eateries which have suffered huge losses and were forced to shut down. The hotel industry and the airline industry is one of the few segments that have been affected.

Photo Credits: Pixabay