Walmart, Target and CVS join hands to invent alternative to plastic bags

Walmart, Target and CVS have joined a consortium that will work towards inventing plastic bags that are ecofriendly

plastic bags

Single-use plastic bags have always been a menace for the environment. These plastic bags when disposed at some point end up in the ocean or dumping grounds and they can take several years to decompose and till then they will continue to harm and pollute the environment. Some of the major retailers are working together to find replacement for the single-use plastic. An announcement was made by Target on July 21, 2020 when it said that it will be joining the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag.

It will be joining as the founding partner with CVS Health and Walmart. The group has been created by the investment firm Closed Loop and is also joined by Kroger and Walgreens. The announcement by Target said that the consortium has a goal that will identify, pilot and implement some alternative designs that are meant for the single-use plastic bags. The members of the group will be investing $15 million collectively and it will be useful to reach the goal.

Amanda Nusz, the vice president of corporate responsibility in a statement said that they believe in serving their guests and communities with some activities that would help in reducing their footprint on the planet. Nusz added that they are proud to join hands with the Closed Loop Partners along with other retailing giants in the industry, who will hereafter be facing a challenge on behalf of the entire sector. The announcement by Target has also mentioned that the consortium will be opening a contest for design and it will be open for the public.

From August, 2020, the consortium will be inviting people who are innovative they will be required to submit their designs that can be the future retail bag which is easy to use and will also be environmental friendly. The statement by Target added that the winning ideas will undergo testing and will enter potential piloting. Earlier in 2020, many cities and states had started to implement bans on straws and single-use plastics.

Photo Credits: Pixabay