Marriott to require guests to wear face coverings

Guests at Marriott will have to mandatorily wear face coverings from July 27


American group of hotel chain Marriott has made an important announcement in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. Many weeks back, the hotel chain had announced that all of its employees will have to mandatorily wear face masks. But now the rule has been extended to the guests as well. Effective from July 27, 2020, the guests at all of the Marriott properties in the US will require the guests to wear face coverings.

A video message was posted by Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriot while announcing about the latest developments in terms of the precautions to be taken during the pandemic. The CEO also talked about the importance of taking the basic measures like washing hands regularly and maintaining social distance from people. The new decision was taken by the hotel giant after recommendations from the American Hotel & Lodging Association was released. It created a Safe Stay Guest Checklist and it is now likely that other hotel giants would also follow the suit.

The development has been appreciated by many as the face coverings actually help to stop the spread of the virus. This could be a small way but is surely effective while people are trying to get used to the everyday life living with the virus. As the nations across the globe are trying to get back on track, the hotels are under stress to provide their guests with top quality service amidst the pandemic. The hotel staff need to pay extra attention towards the cleanliness of the rooms as it will be mandatory for them to provide rooms that are fully sanitized so the guests feel secured.

American Hotel & Lodging Association has announced a new checklist to be followed during the pandemic and it includes face coverings in all the indoor public places, contactless options including reservations, payments and check-ins, contactless room service delivery and everyday room cleaning if essential. The initiative is appreciated by many and other hotel giants are also expected to follow the suit.

Photo Credits: Pixabay