Weight loss tips that are not followed properly

Weight loss tips that are not followed properly

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The internet is filled with a number of tips for weight loss. The coronavirus induced lockdown time gave a number of people an opportunity to focus on themselves and follow a few weight loss tips. Many of the tips actually work, but some of them surprisingly do not work. This happened when the tip mentioned actually looked promising. Here is a list of weight loss tips that are popular but do not work if they are wrongly applied.

1. Focusing on healthy foods – It is wise to concentrate on eating healthy as you need to take care of your immunity as well. But unless you also give importance on the portion size, healthy food does not matter alone. When you are talking about weight loss, then you also need to curtail on your portion size as it is vital.

2. Juice diet – Many people tend to get to an only-juice diet and end up falling sick or would fail drastically. Juices and smoothies can be a part of a diet which is balanced. Having only juice can make you weak and affect the immune system.

3. Cutting down on all carbohydrates – This is one of the biggest mistake as the body needs everything, even fats for the organs to function properly. Some of the carbohydrates like refined flour, white bread and other processed food can be avoided completely. But the healthy carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruits do good.

4. Wrong calorie calculation – Not many are aware that the calorie of food is counted when a sample of a product is burnt in a hermetic chamber. This figure is written on the labels of the products. This means that no one can actually count how many calories will be digested. SO it I wise to eat what is healthy.

5. Only cardio exercises – If you are seeking results, only cardio exercises will never help. You can include cardio exercises with a mix of resistance training and weight lifting.

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