Ways to increase feel good hormones

Feel good hormones can also be improved through a proper diet

feel good

Have you ever wondered what exactly helps to be happy. It might be a good memory or the moment that you are in. The fact is that the chemical Dopamine is the one that is responsible for your moods and feelings. In simple words, it is also known as the feel good feeling. There are certain foods that can be included in everyday diet and helps to produce the chemical naturally. Lack of Dopamine can also result in lack of enthusiasm and reduced motivation, but when you have healthy levels of it, it can be helpful in the healthy production of the feel good hormone. Here are a few ways that can help in a healthy production of dopamine.

1 Healthy fats – As far as possible avoid processed and unhealthy food and include foods that have healthy fats. Even foods that are full fat dairy can disturb in the production of the hormone.

2 Protein rich foods – Foods that are high in protein levels contain amino acids, phenylamine and tyrosine that help in the production of dopamine. Eggs, smoked salmon, and high-protein yoghurt can be a good option and can be included in the diet.

3. Avoid salty and sugary treats – As far as possible try to eat in regular intervals and not few big meals. If you are hungry in between, then make sure that you avoid sugary or over salty treats.

4 Nuts – Nuts have a variety of nutrients that can affect the mood as well as dopamine levels. Almonds are great for consumption and snacking in between meals.

Other tips

1. Exercise regularly – regular exercise helps to improve the blood circulation levels and also helps to improve dopamine levels that influence your mood.

2. Get a good night sleep – Another major factor that helps to regulate mood is your sleep. Make sure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Reduce screen time – The blue light that is emitted from the smartphones and other devices do not have a good effect on the brain and makes the person irritable.

Photo Credits: Pixabay