7 Things to keep in mind while attending a lockdown wedding

If you are attending a lockdown wedding, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind

lockdown wedding

A number of nations have started getting back to work in order to get their respective economies rolling. There are people who had planned to get married, but now their plans have been jeopardized as the pandemic restrictions will not allow them to host big gatherings. While those who have decided to get married, would be able to do it only with a limited number of guests. If you are one of the few guests who are invited for the lockdown wedding, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Take basic precautionary measures – Some of the basics like carry a sanitizer, wash hands frequently and avoid touching different surfaces. Make sure that you and your family are wearing masks.

2. Maintain social distancing – While you might be sure that the few people present would not be infected. But still you need to keep a distance from the guests as a precautionary measure.

3. Be punctual – Since there are just a few guests and you have been invited means that you are important. So be on time and don’t make people wait. Things are different now and need to be concluded soon.

4. Help and don’t crib – At the wedding, make sure that you don’t make unnecessary suggestions and allow the ceremonies to go in smoothly. Be there and be of help.

5. Be patient – If the hosts are conducting a medical test of the guests, make sure you cooperate and remain patient to undergo the tests before you enter the venue.

6. Don’t rush off – Since there are only a few guests at the lockdown wedding, do not be in a hurry to rush off soon after. Stay for all the rituals and ceremonies to be concluded. You are invited as you are wanted and important.

7. Do not share make up – During this time, make sure that you don’t share your make up with anyone as this might put you or the other person at risk.

Photo Credits: Pixabay