5 Things to keep in mind while planning a garden/outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding sounds very romantic but a few things need to be kept in mind before you take the plunge

garden wedding

The coronavirus pandemic is still on and many people are waiting to get married. While many might have cancelled to have big social gatherings and huge banquet halls, some of them have decided to have a ceremony right in front of their house at the garden. An outdoor wedding sounds romantic, interesting and fun, but for that one has to keep a number of things in mind. If you are one of those who are planning to have a wedding at a garden or at an outdoor location, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Plan good lightings – Your wedding is a big day and it is not going to come back again. Since it is an outdoor wedding, proper lighting could be an issue towards the evening. Make sure that you make arrangements for proper lighting and make the venue look bright and vibrant to make the atmosphere magnificent.

2. Consider the weather – If it is the monsoon time, think twice before you finalize your location. An outdoor wedding might not be a very good idea as rain can ruin the entire arrangements. Winter or summer season is the best time to plan a garden/outdoor wedding.

3. Make arrangements for insects and mosquitoes –Since it is a garden and has plenty of vegetation, be prepared that there will be plenty of mosquitoes. You don’t want the guests and the bride and the groom to be annoyed by the mosquitoes. Make arrangements for mosquito repellents at the venue.

4. Do not overdo with decoration –If the garden already has plenty of flowers and vegetation, make sure that you don’t overdo with the decoration or the pictures would come out funny.

5. Pick up a theme – Select a theme according to the weather. For Instance, if you are getting married during monsoon, you can decorate the venue with umbrellas and canopies. Since you have a few guests, you can also ask them to dress up according to the theme.

Photo Credits: Pixabay