4 Myths related to dental health that might be harmful

A number of people talk different things about dental health and a few myths are commonly spoken about

dental health

Apart from personal hygiene, dental hygiene is also important and everyone should follow certain norms to have healthy teeth. While some people follow a regular routine when it comes to dental hygiene, but there are also a few set of myths that need to be busted and clarified. Here are a few myths that are related to dental health and people need to know the actual facts behind them.

1. Bleeding gums should not be brushed –When the gums are bleeding this could be due to a lot of plaque that is built up and can turn in to infection. So washing off gums might not be sufficient. You need to brush your gums with a soft brush to get rid of any plaque. Any plaque need to be taken care off as it can easily turn in to an infection if not taken proper care.

2. Brushing teeth makes them whiter and cleaner – This is the biggest myth as most of us have an impression that brushing teeth, helps to get rid of the small food particles in between the teeth. But not many are aware of that the teeth has a very thin enamel which if damaged or worn off could lead to sensitivity issues. It is advisable to brush just once a day and that too lightly and not vigorously.

3. White enamel is always healthy – The color of the teeth could vary with age and habits of people. White enamels surely looks attractive and healthy but many times it can be an illusion as well. So if they do not sparkle, that does not mean that are not healthy. Before you end up to some conclusions, it is essential that you consult a dentist.

4. Brushing twice a day is healthy – A number of dentists recommend that brushing only once a day is recommended as too much of brushing can worn off the enamel.

Photo Credits: Pixabay