Starbucks to make masks mandatory for its customers at its cafes

Starbucks has announced that its customers will have to mandatorily wear masks irrespective of the local government guidelines


While the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus continues to be there, a number of economies across the globe have dared to resume their respective businesses to keep the economy rolling and save people from being completely jobless. While different government have laid down different rules for different businesses as a safety measure to make sure the people who have stepped out post lockdown continue to remain safe. Starbucks has announced that all its customers will require to wear a face mask at all of its locations throughout the United States.

A statement from Starbucks said that the order is going to take effect only on July 15, 2020. It is not just Starbucks, but a number of governments have already made it mandatory for the residents to wear face masks in public places as a preventive measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But there are also some states which do not have any such requirement. But Starbucks has made it clear that even if there is not local mandate, regarding the masks, the customers will still need to wear a face mask to use the drive-thru, get their order delivered or order for a curbside pickup.

While Starbucks kept its condition for its customers to wear masks, it has also assured that it would continue to follow enhanced cleaning measures along with other precautions that would help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The virus has so far killed about 133,000 people in the United States, but in recent times, the number has drastically gone down.

A number of countries are in the race to develop a vaccine that would be like a ray of hope. A number of countries are also trying to get back on track after receiving a major economic set back. A number of businesses continue to be in an unstable condition. The airline and tourism industry is one of the worst affected as many nations have banned international travel.

Photo Credits: Pixabay