Things that can be toxic for your pet dog

There are certain things that you need to keep away from your pet dog at home


As a pet parent, you need to be as careful as having a human baby at home. There are a number of things that you need to pet proof like you need to baby proof. Having a pet at home is fun as they are great companions but it is our duty to take ample care of them and recognize what is good and bad for them. In an earlier article we saw how certain foods are not good for dogs, but here we will be discussing as to what you need to be careful from and what things can be toxic for your pet.

1. Insecticides – every household has certain chemicals which are used as cleaning agents like a floor cleaner or a disinfectant which can be toxic for animals. Since animals are not intelligent enough to see a difference between what is edible and what is not, we need to be careful by keeping things away from their reach.

2. Medicines consumed by humans – there are some medicines like ibuprofen, which is an effective painkiller or naproxen. Such drugs have the ability to kill your dogs. Such drugs can cause severe ulcers in the stomach and intestine and also lead to kidney failures. If your pet has consumed them by mistake, take it to the vet immediately.

3. Anti-depressant drugs consumed by humans – Never try giving your dogs anti-depressant medicines. Rush to the vet immediately if you see any behavioral changes.

4. Rodenticides – Mouse or rat poison are equally poisonous for your dogs. They can lead to brain swelling, bleeding, kidney failure or bloating.

5. Foods – There are certain foods which are not meant to be consumed by dogs and they include, chocolates, candies, gum, raisins, grapes etc which can cause health problems in them. Raisins and grapes can be toxic for your furry friend. Candies and gum contain a substance known as xylitol which is extremely dangerous for their health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay