Emergency wedding hacks to keep in mind for bride and groom

If you want things to sail smooth on your wedding day, these wedding hacks can be handy


A wedding takes many months of preparation for the reason that the bride and the groom and their respective family members do not want anything to go wrong. Things need to be properly planned to prevent a mess and arrangements have to be done accordingly. This could be easy when you have a wedding planner on board, but when you do not you can still do it with ease. A few simple hacks have to be kept in mind that will help you to take things smooth. On the wedding day just make sure that you follow these simple hacks.

1. Always keep a tissue handy so that you can wipe off the shiny spots or sweat.

2. Do not panic, if you have a pimple/acne on your face on the big day. Just rub an ice cube for 5 to 10 minutes and the swelling will be dramatically reduced. For an instant glow, rub the ice cube on the entire face.

3. If you have dropped food on your outfit, you can tell someone to put a pinch of table salt on it and the stain will lighten.

4. The wedding day is going to be long and you will want the perfume to stay for a longer time. Before applying the perfume, on every pulse spots, apply some petroleum jelly and then apply perfume.

5. To avoid slippery new shoes, rub some sand paper on the sole to prevent any embarrassing falls.

6. If you are lactose intolerant, stay away from dairy products as it might increase the inflammation.

7. Keep baby wipes handy as they can be useful to get rid of sweat or stains.

8. In case of indigestion or heartburn, drink mint tea and you will get instant relief.

9. Wear water proof make up as you don’t know the sweat can easily make you look flaky and unpleasant. Waterproof make up stays even if you get drenched.

Photo Credits: Pixabay