Skin issues to be careful about during monsoon

Skin problems are common during monsoon season and one has to be aware of what could happen


The monsoon is here and it is time when the moisture gets locked at a number of places. If proper care is not taken then it can lead to a number of skin problems. Humid weather invites viral infections and not just affects the body but also leaves your skin vulnerable to different infections. Here are a few skin infections that you need to be aware of and need to be careful from.

1. Ringworm – Ringworm is highly contagious and appears circular or ring shaped rash on the skin and looks red and scaly. It usually appears on the folds of the skin like the shoulder, elbow, groin or sometimes even the neck. It affects the keratin of the skin.

2. Fungal infections – This is one of the most common infections that happen during monsoon. It thrives in the areas that is more prone to sweating like the feet, groin and the scalp.

3. Athlete’s foot – They look like itchy patches on the feet and are caused by a fungi that is called as candida. Here the toe nails of the infected feet become discolored and sometimes it also splits the nail.

4. Eczema – This is a skin condition that is caused by the inflammation of the dermatitis. This happens due to the external as well as genetic factors.

5. Scabies – This is a skin condition that is caused by parasitic mites. It is a water related disease and is extremely contagious.

Ways to take care of your skin

As far as possible, keep your feet dry and pay special attention between the toes. Always wear clean socks as it will help to prevent scratching and also keeps the skin dry. If you get drenched, remove your wet socks and shoes immediately and allow your feet to dry. When you return home drenched, take a warm water bath and change to fresh and dry clothes to prevent moisture.

Photo Credits: Pixabay