Ways to get rid of plaque and tartar without a dentist

Not able to meet a dentist during lockdown? Try these tricks at home to get rid of plaque and tartar


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of countries implemented lockdowns as a safety measure. The lockdown forced the dentists to shut their respective clinics as a safety measure as it would have threatened the doctors who are working with the patients who could potentially be infected with coronavirus. A number of people faced a few teeth issues but could not render help from dentists due to the lockdown. Here are a few tips to get rid of plaque and tartar at home.

1. Brush your teeth – This might seem like an everyday routine, but that actually helps. Brushing has to be done in the correct manner. Vertical strokes from the gums to the teeth help to remove the food particles stuck in and around the teeth. There are also a few special brushes which can be used to remove the stubborn particles that are stuck between the teeth.

2. Baking soda – Once or twice a week you can clean your teeth with baking soda and it does not have any side effects and also does not damage the teeth enamel.

3. Dental floss – Dental floss is recommended to remove the stubborn particles which are stuck in between the teeth. However, it is not recommended to be used very regularly as they tend to crate gaps between the teeth.

4. Mouthwash – After every meal, it is recommended to use a mouthwash to get rid of the small food particles in the mouth and deep inside the gums. It has to be rinsed for at least 30 seconds before you spit it out.

5. Orange peel – Take an orange peel and with the inner part of it, you can rub your teeth. This helps to fight the formation of tartar on the enamel.

6. Sesame seeds – This might seen a little unusual but you can pop some sesame seeds in the mouth and chew them but not swallow them. Brush on it directly and it will work as a scrub for the teeth and remove tartar.

Photo Credits: Pixabay