Multi-tasking can lead to weight gain, find out how

Multi-tasking can also be a reason for a weight gain as other things become irregular and untimely


Lifestyle these days demands people to be able to multi-task. Multi-tasking is when you are able to do or are able to get many things done at the same time. But this might not be a good sign for people who are health conscious or are trying to lose some weight. Multi-tasking can actually increase the weight of the person doing it. This might be surprising, but is true.

When you are doing a number of tasks at the same time, you tend to forget or avoid eating meals on time and even exercising. So instead of having a proper breakfast, they would like to have a snack that would go along with them, but end up eating more than that is required. When you eat more and not burn the extra calories then that gets stored as fat, as you are already not exercising.

Even a research that was published on Brain Imaging and Behavior, it was found that people who multi-task, often have a higher body mass indexes or higher body fat levels. Moreover, pictures of fattening foods were shown to people who multi-task digitally and it was found that their brain activity was greater. It was also found that there was less activity in the parts of the brain that was responsible for self-control. But the good thing is that the damage can be reversed and a few tricks can help the multi-taskers to avoid having a weight gain.

1. Be active –No matter what, make sure that you are active and running around. For instance, when you are on the phone, keep walking.

2. Eat breakfast and other meals properly– This process has to be mindful as well as peaceful. Make sure that you fish out time to sit down and have your meals.

3. Work on yourself as well – You need to fish you some ‘me time’ as well and do what you like to do. Like you can take out time for cooking or a hobby that you always wanted to do.

Photo Credits: Pixabay