7 Step precautions to be taken while you order food from outside

If you are ordering food from outside, then you have to take a few precautions to remain safe from any infection

outside food

While the lockdown has been eased in many countries, but many people continue to remain at home as a safety measure. For some, many might be craving to have some food ordered from outside and many might have even done that. But since it is the coronavirus pandemic, certain things should be kept in mind when you are doing so. Here are a few measures that you should be taking while ordering food from outside.

1. Order only from trusted restaurants – While ordering from a food application, make sure that you order only from some of the trusted restaurants which maintain proper hygiene measures. This ensures that the food is clean and is made with ample precautions in place.

2. Opt for contactless delivery – Always opt for the contactless delivery for the food that you have ordered. Under this option, you need to pay for the food when you are ordering and the delivery man leaves the food at a clean surface so that you can pick up the package without any contact.

3. Designate an area outside your house for food – Make a safe space which is elevated from the floor. It can be something like a table which you need to sanitize properly so that the delivery man can leave the package at the space.

4. Sanitize the package – When the package is kept at the surface, make sure that you sanitize it well before you take it inside the house.

5. Discard the packaging material – After you have received the food, make sure you discard all the packaging material like the paper bags and the disposable containers as a safety measure. Transfer all the food in to a clean container.

6. Wash your hands – After you have done that wash your hands properly.

7. Heat the food – After you have washed your hands, make sure that you heat the food again at home in a microwave or any other means.

Photo Credits: Pixabay