4 Ways to curb sugar cravings

Sugar cravings are faced by many but one can have a control on it if a few steps are followed


There are many people who often experience sugar cravings and this can happen due to a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is that when a person is hungry, it is easy for them to crave for something sweet. It is OK to consume some sweet to satiate your sweet tooth, but when it becomes frequent, then it can invite some trouble and also lead to some health issues. Here are a few ways you can avoid or control your sugar cravings.

1. Exercise regularly – Regular exercise keeps you in a good mood and also keeps you away from sugar cravings. Working out on a regular basis helps to produce the happy hormones like oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine.

2. Select alternatives for high sugar products – There are always alternatives available for the sugary products. Some of the alternatives include dried dates, coconut sugar, fruit pulps, dried figs or pureed apple stew. You can also replace some of the sweet treats with protein bars, eggs, salads, sprouts, nuts and more.

3. Do not stock up your fridge with sugary foods – You can control by not sticking up sugary items in the fridge like chocolates, ice-creams and cold-drinks which are high on sugar levels and are just empty calories.

4. Learn to limit your sugar intake – Another easy way to satisfy your sugar cravings is by having small meals in the day on a regular basis. If at all you want to have something sweet, then eat it as a meal with two pieces of dark chocolate as it has less sugar content. You need not to completely stop eating sweets as you also need to have some sugar for energy. There is no harm in consuming sugar in moderation, but anything in excess can be harmful for the health and can also lead to health issues. Elderly people need to be extra careful as they are less active and more prove to conditions like diabetes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay