6 Healthy foods that can be had post-workout

It is important to have the right kind of food post workout


Working out is a very important activity as it helps to remain healthy and fit. It is not just important to workout, but it is also important to eat right. The body needs the right kind of fuel at the right times and eating right also helps to keep you energized. Intense workouts need a lot of energy in the body and that can only happen when you give your body the right kind of fuel. It is important to consume the right kind of fuel after you have a good session of exercise. Here are a few foods that you can have after you workout.

1. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are healthy and are low in calories. They are also great for those who are trying to lose some weight and keeps the blood sugar levels in check.

2. Oats – Oats contain complex carbs including anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and vitamin E. It is one of the best post workout meals. They can be had with milk and fruits or could also be had as a savoury.

3. Green and leafy vegetables – Green vegetables like spinach, lettuce and radish greens are stuffed with dietary fibre, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and helps to improve the immunity of the body.

4. Fresh fruits – Seasonal fruits are the best. Fruits like Apple, pears, plums, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots and others can be great post-workout meals as well. They contain a lot of fibre and are best for those who are trying to shed some weight.

5. Eggs – Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and can be eaten in any form. It can be boiled or scrambled and make the best post-workout food.

6. Chicken and tuna – These contain a lot of healthy fat and protein and makes you feel satiated for a longer time. You can have grilled chicken with some roasted vegetables to have a complete post-workout meal.

Photo Credits: Pixabay