Sanitization tips to be followed on an everyday basis

Sanitization has to be adopted by everyone as the virus continues to infect people


Ever since the coronavirus infection became a pandemic, the lifestyle of the entire globe has changed completely. It has become a new normal to follow hygiene routine more religiously. While many might wonder from where to begin sanitization and to which extent they can go, here are a few tips from experts which can help to remain sanitized on an everyday basis.

1. Keep sanitizing your house surfaces – There are many surfaces in the house which are touched by hands regularly by people. It can be a table, the stair support, keyboard, TV remotes, sofa handles, switch buttons, handles of the refrigerator and so on. Make sure that you sanitize them with the help of a clean cloth and a sanitizer/sterilium at least three to four times a day.

2. Wear gloves and masks – Not that your house is safe, when you step out, make sure that you wear a mask and hand gloves so that you don’t have a direct contact with the infected surfaces. Dispose them after use.

3. While cleaning surfaces, make sure that there is enough ventilation in the area.

4. Do not re-use clothes used for sanitization – The old clothes that you use to disinfect surfaces should be thrown everyday.

5. Do not use vinegar – Many people are using vinegar as a disinfectant, but that is not effective.

6. Read instructions of the cleaning product – Every cleaning product has a different procedure. Mae sure that you read the instructions properly.

7. Wash your hands frequently – After you are done with sanitization, wash your hands properly.

8. When you return from outside have a bath – Make sure that you have bath after you return home and wash the clothes that you were wearing.

9. Use quality products for cleaning – There are many cheap products which are available in the market, but make sure that you use the better ones which could be a little expensive, but are effective.

Photo Credits: Viral Bhayani