Skin problems that can arise due to humidity

Humidity can lead to a number of skin problems and you need to be aware of them


Monsoon is a time when people eagerly wait for the weather to cool down. During the hot weather, the skin faces a number of issues like dryness and skin flaking. Such problems could be solved by using moisturizers and other products like coconut oil that do wonders to the skin. But monsoon also brings the condition of humidity, which can also put a few effects on the skin and you need to look out for that. Here are a few ways your skin might be affected because of humidity.

1. Fungal infections – The humidity in the weather can lead to a lot of moisture accumulating in the skin. If they are ignored, then that can lead to some fungal issues like folliculitis that leads to inflammation of the hair follicles on the face. The person might suffer from tiny red rashes like bumps around the hair follicles. You can deal with this problem by using antiseptic healing soap and keep the skin dry yet hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

2. Allergies on skin – Allergies can sprout up when the dirt and dust get mixed up with the rain and stick to the skin causing symptoms like itching and peeling of skin from the face or other parts of the body. You need to make sure that you clean up yourself everytime you return home and wear fresh cotton clothes.

3. Eczema – This is a skin condition that is a little severe and is caused due to dampness and moisture. Excessive moisture can lead to itching and can also cause blisters on the skin. You can apply salt and magnesium on the affected area to get some relief.

4. Ringworm –This is a skin condition that is caused due to humidity and moisture in the air. You need to avoid this by not itching your skin and you also need to wear comfortable cotton clothes so your skin can breathe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay