Things to keep in mind while purchasing curtains for home

Purchasing curtains can be tricky but a few tips and tricks can make things easy


When you are planning to decorate your new house, a number of things come to mind as to how things have to be placed and what color or texture can be used. Even the selection of curtains for your windows becomes a challenge as it might seem to be an easy task, but when you actually end up in the shop, your mind throws you a number of questions. You need to do some homework first and here are a few tips that you can consider when you have decided to bring some curtains.

1. Be careful while selecting the fabric of the curtains. While selecting d not select heavy fabrics as they will now allow airflow. Airflow is important as it will keep the room ventilated during the hot days.

2. Make sure that you match your curtains with your furniture and wall color. You don’t want your room to look like a splash of colors. A match with the furniture makes the room look organized and serene.

3. Before installation, make sure that you check the length of the curtains along with the lining. You also need to make sure that the curtains are not too long and are not too short. If the length of too long, then you can ask to get them altered according to the length of your windows.

4. Decided between the tailored ones and the readymade ones. If you opt for the tailored ones then you can customize them as per your needs. For the readymade ones, there might be much scope to use your creativity.

5. Know the washing instructions of the curtains. Some of them are of high quality and have to be dry washed and cannot be just tossed in to the washing machine. Lack of knowledge can damage the fabric and spoil your curtains. Ask the person from whom you have purchased if they are washable or need to be dry-cleaned.

Photo Credits: Pixabay