New guidelines suggests to restrict toilet access for passengers on flights

The UN agency has recommended to restrict passenger’s access to toilets for the safety of the passengers and crew


The International Civil Aviation Organization, which is a UN agency has recommended that access to the toilets on the flights should be restricted. The agency has insisted that the access to the toilets should be restricted and even the food and drink service should be limited or suspended on the short-haul flights. If approved, the guidelines would be a part of the wide-range of safety measures that the agency has laid down.

The fresh guidelines have been laid down as a measure to protect the air passengers as well as the crew from the coronavirus infections as the lockdown eases slowly. Since the pandemic broke, the airline was one of the worst hit and the revenues went down to £314 in 2020. The aviation industry faced a number of issues due to the lockdown and the travel restrictions that were implemented due to the virus outbreak. The number of flights was limited drastically and even the passenger numbers went down.

As the travel restrictions have started to ease, the International Civil Aviation Organization has issued guidelines for the governments. The agency also insisted on maintaining social distancing while seating of the passengers, but then it added that it could be done when the occupancy allowed them to do so. The civil aviation body of the UN has insisted that the passengers should travel as light as possible and the small hand luggage should be kept under their seat. The magazines and newspapers should be removed and the duty free sales should also remain limited.

Access to the toilets should also be limited. It has been recommended that where ever possible, one toilet should be dedicated for the cabin crew while the passengers should use a designated toilet and it will be based on which seat they have. The fresh recommendations cover the aircraft, airports and the cargo. On a general basis, the face masks should be worn as per the public health guidelines.

Photo Credits: Pixabay