Things to know while using the face shield PPE

Face shield is slowly becoming popular, but one has to be careful while using the PPE

face shield

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the frontline workers across the globe are using the PPE (personal protective equipment) that protects them from getting infected. Wearing a mask has become mandatory for normal people while the doctors and nurses and other paramedical staff members make use of PPE equipment and suits. The face shield is one of the PPEs which is popular and is used by many people these days. It is still not made mandatory but there are a few dos and donts while they are being used by people.

1. The face shield that you are using should extend below the chin only then it is usefull and serves the purpose. Keep this in mind before you buy the face shield.

2. The shield should also be beyond the ears and there should be no gap between the forehead and the headpiece of the shield. If there is, then you better get another one.

3. The face shield should be used by only one person and should not be shared with the second person. If a person is infected, and of the shield is shared then the other person could also be at risk of getting the infection.

4. The PPE equipment should be sent to reprocess soon after it is visibly soiled. It can be dipped in neutral detergent and warm water solution and then rinsed with clear water.

5. Make sure that you dry it completely before reusing it to avoid any fungal infection.

6. The manufacturers also provide with the disinfectant products.

7. When it is not in use, then it can be stored in a transparent plastic container and should be labeled with the person’s name on it so it can be identified as to whose it is.

8. Do not use a face shield that is not made by a reputed company as the cheap ones could use unreliable material which could compromise your health and protection.

Photo Credits: Pixabay