Everyday habits that could be had for heart health

Some of the lifestyle habits can be harmful for the health of the heart


Lifestyle for many people has changed. People have become more workaholics and hardly pay attention to their personal health and give very less preference to socialize. Some of the everyday habits might not be good for the health, especially the heart. Some of the unhealthy activities can put a strain on the heart, that is responsible to pump blood to the rest of the organs.

1. Sitting for a longer period of time – Sitting for a longer time is not good for the heart health. Many people have to spend numerous hours on their desks in front of their computers or laptops. It is recommended to take a few breaks and take short walks in between work.

2. Stress – Everyone leads a stressful life and cannot be avoided. It can cause the body to release adrenaline and temporarily affects the functions of the body. Stress also has an ability to damage the blood vessels in the heart and could also lead to heart attack.

3. Too much of salt in food – Some people have the habit of having too much of salt. The Sodium content in the salt is not good for the heart health and is a big no-no for people who are already hypertensive.

4. Inadequate sleep – When you are working the whole day, the body needs rest in the night. The body needs at least 7 to eight hours of sleep. If the sleep is not adequate, then the cardiovascular system gets disturbed and the blood pressure can be dipped.

5. Consumption of alcohol – Consuming too much of alcohol can lead to an increase in blood pressure and can also lead to obesity. It is best to give up on alcohol and lead a healthy life.

6. Poor oral health – It is important to maintain proper mouth hygiene as it could also not good for your heart. Diseases on the gums can lead to the risk of heart diseases.

Photo Credits: Pixabay