6 Nutrition mistakes that new mothers must avoid

New mothers need to have plenty of nutrition but many of them often avoid to take care of themselves


New mothers have to not just take care of themselves, but have to also take care of their little one who is completely dependent on them. This might be a happy as well as a stressful phase of their lives, as the parents often worry about the health and wellbeing of the little one. Mothers have a number of responsibilities on them and amidst that they forget to take care of themselves. Here are a few nutrition mistakes that many new mothers make.

1. No schedule for eating – it is a fact that new mothers have a very hectic schedule and they seldom have any time for themselves and often forget that they also need to take good care of themselves. Many times they end up eating snacks. It is important to eat mindfully and eat a lot of vegetables and whole meat foods and have a proper timely meal plan.

2. Stress eating – New mothers are also vulnerable to get stressed or postpartum depression. Many might even reach out to the big bowl of ice-cream when they are not feeling well mentally. Such processed foods provide no nutrition and also drains off the energy.

3. Not drinking enough water – Mothers who are lactating, have an increased amount of oxytocin in the body and they feel even more thirstier when they are breastfeeding. Drinking water fulfills the fluid requirements in the body and avoid dehydration.

4. Dieting while breastfeeding – The mother’s body needs a lot of nutrition as the baby is completely dependent on the mother for its nutrition. Nutritious food is also effective in effective in lactation. The mother needs to have a good balanced diet.

5. Eating unhealthy snacks – A new mother needs a lot of energy and such unhealthy snacks give just empty calories and no nutrition. If you feel like snacking, you can grab some nuts or low-fat cheese or yogurt.

Photo Credits: Pixabay