5 easy methods to stop drooling in sleep

Drooling in sleep can be prevented by applying a few simple methods


Drooling in sleep is very common and does not indicate any kind of illness. This happens during sleep as the swallowing reflexes are relaxed and the body is at rest. While it is common in babies, it also happens with many adults. Many people also feel embarrassed about it and most of the time it does not indicate any serious illness, but in some cases it could be a neurological condition. There are also a few simple methods that can stop drooling in sleep.

1. Change your sleeping position – If you have a habit of sleeping on the side or on your stomach, then the gravity leads to drooling. So if you don’t want that happen, then you can sleep on your back. This can be a quick fix.

2. Get yourself treated for sinus problems – when you have allergies or sinuses, this can lead to nasal congestion when you are sleeping. When the nasal passages are blocked, you tend to sleep with your mouth open and the saliva escapes. Prescribed medication can help with the condition. Additionally, you can also take steam inhalation before you go to sleep.

3. Use a CPAP machine – People who suffer from sleep apnea can get themselves treated with continuous positive airway pressure machine also known as CPAP. This also helps to have a deeper sleep but helps in proper breathing.

4. Botox – This can be done only if very essential to prevent drooling and if it is uncontrollable. When a person is suffering from a neurological disorder, botox injections can be given that prevents drooling.

If you end up in a condition that is known as hypersalivation, then you need to first rule out the actual cause by consulting a professional to get it treated effectively. Before using any of the treatments it is always better to consult a doctor to rule out the exact cause.

Photo Credits: Pixabay