Facebook launches Shops service for businesses reaching online

Facebook has launched Shops for businesses to go online amidst the coronavirus pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many shops to shut down and most of the shipping is now encouraged online due as it is a much safer option. Social networking giant Facebook said that it is all set to launch its new service Shops that will be allowing businesses to sell products and display on its platform. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has aimed to launch Shops as a tool for the small businesses. Many of the businesses have closed their businesses and has gone online as it is the best option in the current situation.

At present, the social networking site allows sales on its platform with the help of Marketplace that was introduced in 2016. The Marketplace is a platform that allows the online users to sell the personal belongings and works similar to the Craigslist. The Facebook service Shops will be aimed at the businesses while allowing them to sell to the customers on the application and this could also prove to be a competition to the rivals like Amazon and Etsy. Such platforms have lately made a good revenue due to the increased sales online due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Facebook had in 2019 launched some limited shopping options through its photo-sharing app Instagram and also its messaging app WhatsApp. The social network also announced that its digital currency project Libra could be used for in-app purchases. The project Libra was launched by the social network in 2019 but is currently struggling to survive. The new service by Facebook will allow the businesses to set up a single access a single online store that can be accessed through Facebook and Instagram.

Zuckerberg in a video conference informed that their aim is to make the shopping experience easy and seamless and can be used by small businesses as well as the global brands to connect with the customers. Shops will be available for free for the businesses to access.

Photo Credits: Pixabay