Royal incomes hit due to coronavirus pandemic, Palace staff get memos

Palace staff has received memos that mentioned about the income of the royal household being hit

royal family

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economies of many nations including the United Kingdom. Even the royal household has facing the consequences as the revenues of the Palace have been hit. The impact can be seen on the Royal households as the palaces have been closed to the public and with that the income from tourism has been affected. Reports say that Lord Chamberlain, Earl Peel, the Head of the Household has written to the staff members with concerns about the financial impact.

The Palace has confessed that the Royal Household has also been affected financially by the pandemic and that it is likely to affect the entire country as well. On the other hand, the Buckingham Palace has already made an announcement that it is not going to open the State Rooms for the public in 2020 and this has been done every year since 1993. This happens when the Queen changes her location for summer holiday. On regular days, the tourists are allowed to have a tour of the 19 State Rooms that are used for ceremonial and state occasions and the visitors are charged £26.50 per visitor.

Apart from the Buckingham Palace, the Royal Collection Trust was also forced to shut down Clarence House, Windsor Castle, the Royal Mews and the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh. All of them are closed until further notice. In 2019, the figures showed that £72 million were raised by 3.2 million visitors and that also helps to maintain the Royal Collection, which is one of the most important art collections in the globe and does not accept any public funding.

The Royal Sources have not denied of the memo that has been sent to the staff members. There are chances that there could be job cuts, losses or pay freezes. So far it is not known what will be the impact of the Queen’s income due to the coronavirus.

Photo Credits: Pixabay