6 Things that can trigger hair fall in women

There are a number of things that go in the women’s body that can lead to hair fall

hair fall

Hair fall problem is very common in women. You can blame it on the lifestyle or other factors. At some point some women fear that they might be shedding hair more than usual. However, most of the time it could be a false alarm, but it can also be something more than that. Pinpointing the exact cause can be tough, but there can be many reasons behind it. Here can be a few ones which could trigger a hair fall in women.

1. Thyroid issues – Thyroid is a gland that is responsible for the metabolism of the body and also controls the proteins and tissues. Women who suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism could face a lot of hair fall. But the good news is, in most of the cases the hair grows back after the disorder is treated.

2. Hormonal imbalance – This is a very common condition in women and reflects in a number of ways in the women’s body and hair fall is one of them. When there is excessive production of androgen, which is a male hormone, it can affect the hair growth cycle.

3. Post Pregnancy – After pregnancy many women can experience hair fall and this happens due to loss of estrogen levels which are also known as the female hormones. This is also a temporary issue and can be solved soon.

4. Medications – There are a few medications that are taken by women for treating acne, or blood thinning. Some also take medications which are anti-depressants and such drugs can lead to changes in the body and could lead to hair fall.

5. Stress – This does not come as a surprise as the lifestyle these days leads to stress which can affect the overall health. Stress levels increases the levels of androgen levels that leads to hair fall.

6. Age factor – As the age increases, the body goes through a number of changes. This happens usually when the women enter the phase of menopause. Hair loss can be one of the side effects of the phase.

Photo Credits: Pixabay