FDA authorizes at-home sample collection kit for coronavirus

Individuals can now take a test at home for coronavirus through nasal swabs


The infections of the novel coronavirus are increasing everyday. One of the major reasons that many governments are lacking behind is the lack of enough testing done per day. But here after things might be a little different, as the Food and Drug Administration has issued an emergency authorization for a sample collection kit that can be done at home. The kit can be used by an individual to self-collect a nasal sample and can be sent for testing.

The FDA has said that the new kit has been made by the company known as Everlywell. The kit can be used by a person who has been screened with the online COVID-19 questionnaire that is reviewed by a healthcare provider. This will be when the provider will decide if the test is required and the kit will be sent to the individual. The kit will be used by the individual to collect a sample from the nose and will be sent off to the specific laboratories for testing.

A spokesperson from Everlywell, Christina Song said that the questionnaires that are filled by the individuals will be reviewed by the healthcare providers. Song added that the individual will have to press the order button online and then the reports will be sent to their phone and the entire process will take about three to five days. The drug company will be providing the individuals the results of their tests with the help of its independent physician network and the online portal.

The spokesperson added that the home-testing kits will be available by the end of May, 2020 in the US and will cost $135. However, at the same time, some of the public health researchers have warned that the at-home nasal swab samples could not be so accurate that those which are collected by the healthcare providers. But the FDA gave the authorization as the kits will be available to the individuals at their residences and will also protect others from the potential exposure.

Photo Credits: Pixabay